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In order to be able to register an American car in France, your vehicle must be certified as "compliant", this is why it is necessary to put together an RTI request file "receipt for isolated purposes "with DREAL in order to bring your car up to standard.

An RTI report from the DREAL to be issued after having carried out the approval of an American car
Red Keys Ford Mustang BOSS 302


As a first step:


Feel free to contact me in order you can explain your situation to me.


This can be done by:

-       Phone on

-       The contact form of the website

It is useful to let me know if your vehicle has been equipped with original spare parts (rims, intake, exhaust, tinted glass, approved tyres with a “e4” mention or others)

On the basis of the information I received, I will provide a quote, nevertheless, in some cases, it is essential to ask the manufacturer for a Certificate of compliance*

*vehicles which are both on sale in the United States and in Europe.


The documents which have to be passed on to me:


After having examined your file, and once the quote is accepted, I will ask you to send me the following documents:

-       A copy of the Foreign car registration Certificate that you own

-       A picture of the data plate

-       A picture of the pollutant emissions label which is located under the hood 2006* and+

-       The request for the” type-approval of single vehicles” filled out by you “” family name, first name, address”

-       The certificate of non-compliance or of partial compliance (if you already asked for it)

-       A payment by cheque of part of the type-approval costs

*to refer to the date of construction that is visible on the manufacturer’s label on the left front door.

Creation of the administrative files


-After having received all the above documents, I will be able to start the administrative part of the compliance procedure (creation of the various technical files requested by the many actors involved in the compliance process) including the manufacturer, the D.R.E.A.L and the U.T.A.C laboratory.



Presentation of your vehicle in our premises


Presentation of your vehicle in our premises is requested one up to three weeks before the UTAC tests, we will undertake the technical and electrical changes required for the compliance of your American car.

 That is to say:

-Vehicle presentation (with fuel tank filled up)

-Preparation of the vehicle

-Presentation to the D.R.E.A.L for testing

-Presentation to the U.T.A.C for testing

-Vehicle recovery

If necessary, I can drop you off and pick you up at the Aix-en-Provence TGV station.

Finalisation of the process


At this stage, your file has been approved by the DREAL and was handed over to the department in charge of carrying out the necessary exemptions. The return time of The minutes of your Type-Approval of single vehicle (the document which allows you to register your car) is of three weeks. 


Terms of payment (for the service rendered)


Payment for the service rendered is divided into three steps: in the case for example of a vehicle whose compliance costs is of 4.200 E

- Advance payment of 1237E when the order is placed                                       

- Payment of the UTAC tests directly to the UTAC one week before the tests beginnings 1.723 E

- Payment of the outstanding balance upon recovery of the vehicle 1.237 E


American car approval
American Certificate of Title
Wheels of a Cadillac
Cadillac CTS COUPE 2011 Rear

You will find below some advice in order to avoid making a great deal only at first sight.

As a first step, it is compulsory you make sure that your vehicle is authorized to be type-approved in France. This is the case of main light vehicles. Please do not hesitate to contact us prior to proceed with the transaction.

Today, most of vehicle purchases occurring on the Internet, the vehicle that you intend to buy is rarely close to home, sometimes it is located abroad. In order to avoid a relatively expensive trip, the first thing to do is to carry out a Carfax test of the vehicle.

Carfax is a commercial service directly available on the web which provides car history reports for American and Canadian markets. Thus, entering the serial number inside the database, you will have the possibility to know if the vehicle you wish to buy has been damaged or flooded by a hurricane (most common), by amongst other things, as for many vehicles available for sale in Germany at very attractive prices.

After you’ve checked with the seller that the vehicle well meets all your expectations, and that your American car is Carfax clean, you can then prepare your trip without any problem. We can miss the mechanical inspection.

In order to facilitate the compliance, it is recommended that your vehicle “street legal” is, that is to say fitted with rims and wheels which conform to the original sizes (to see the manufacturer’s plate in the left front door), no fanciful exhaust, no wheel spacers, no KN intake system, or Vespa rear view mirrors.

Nevertheless, if your purchase has already been done, we will always find a solution to assist you.



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