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You purchased a vehicle in Germany that was originally intended for use in the United States.or a car registered in a European country which was originally outside Europe (imported from the United States / Dubai etc.).

A vehicle intended for a non-European market (American, Dubai, Mexico, etc.) which is currently registered in a member country of the European Union cannot be registered directly by ANTS.

To register these vehicles, an approval procedure is carried out with the DREAL / UTAC-CERAM known as RTI (summary on the Approval page),

However, in certain cases, it is possible to carry out a more simplified procedure,
However, many vehicles are not eligible for this simplified procedure.


For the vehicle to be eligible, it is imperative that the acceptance procedure has been carried out correctly in the European country of first registration, when this is not the case the file is treated as an R.T.I (the standard approval procedure) which applies to vehicles imported non-compliant or partially compliant from the USA, Quebec, Dubai, etc.

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- The first thing to do is to identify whether or not your vehicle is eligible for a simplified procedure, to do so:


Contact me via the form on the “contact” page, in return I would ask you to send me by e-mail a copy of the European registration documents for your vehicle (or the one you wish to acquire) so that I can ensure the feasibility of the procedure.

(thanks for askinga perfectly legible scan or photo of the registration documents and attach both parts of the document for German registration certificates).



As soon as I have identified the procedure applicable to your vehicle, I will send you an offer and a mandate,Once the offer has been accepted and the returned mandate signed, I will begin the approval procedure for your vehicle.



- As part of a simplified reception, I will come back to you quickly so that we can organize the procedure according to your location and geography and the necessary adaptations to be made on your vehicle, as part of a traditional procedure we follow the standard process described on the page "Approval process".

Attention, as part of a simplified procedure it must be taken into account that:

- The towable weight registered on the European registration document is that which will be reported on the French registration document, often it is not registered, certain pick-ups therefore do not have the possibility of towing, a standard reception is therefore recommended, especially for pick-ups.

- The number of places remains that which is registered on the European registration document with no possibility of changing subsequently

- The energy remains the same, original E85 vehicles approved in gasoline in the European country of registration will remain in gasoline



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