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You are expatriate in a country outside the European Union and you wish to return to France with the car which you bought on the spot or you wish to import an American car, it is important to contact me before the setting in container of the vehicle in order that we can ensure the feasibility of upgrading and better prepare your return to France with your car.

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As part of your move you can contact DEMARINE to ensure the transport of your vehicle.

DEMARINE INTERNATIONAL MOVING 27 Avenue de Rome, ZI Les Estroublans 13127 Vitrolles, France +33 (0) 442 025 836

Historic American cars


You want to buy and import an American car, browse the sites of American vehicle advertisements such as:

Quick summary of the costs of importing a vehicle from the United States (excluding moving):

Below you will find the enumeration of the stages and costs related to the purchase and the importation of an American car, the tariffs listed are given with indicative title in order to allow you to carry out a general estimate.

Shipping costs to the United States

Vehicle export formalities

Vehicle transport: 1500 - 2000 euros

The customs and VAT duties calculated on the price of the vehicle and transport either:

- 10% import customs duty

- 20% VAT

Transit costs (container unloading, port haulage, customs formalities) +/- € 600

Homologation costs

The fees of a specialized importer (highly recommended if you are not familiar with this type


Precautions to take before purchase:

With the development of the internet importing a car from the United States has become much simpler, however it is still possible to make a mistake on the vehicle.

Below you will find some tips to avoid getting the "fake good deal".

- Preferably consult the advertisements of professional "Dealers"

- Select only "CLEAR TITLE" in the settings of the ad sites

- Avoid transformed and modified vehicles which will be more expensive to homologate


  CARFAX, AUTOCHECK, the history of American cars:

- Once you have made your choice, ask us to send you a "history report" to find out the history of your vehicle. (24.99 €)

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