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It is the favorite American pick-up of Europeans, it is also the most imported on the old continent, however even if it is well known among us, neglected preparation can lead to very unpleasant surprises.

You have purchased a Dodge RAM, or you plan to do so very soon, CTTE with liftable rear seat is recoverable VAT, exempt from TVS and not subject to the penalty in the 4-seater version, it is an excellent purchase which will come in place of a small utility and a sedan.


Contact me so that I can assist you in the approval and purchase of your Dodge Ram, before the transaction we will verify various elements in order to ensure the feasibility of the process of upgrading (control foreign registration card, identification labels and the technical configuration in which the vehicle is located.

The price for compliance starts at 4350 euros, you will find the link below to the page where they are listed, you can also contact me directly for a personalized quote.


Link to the page: Services, prices

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.



Did you know ?

- The DODGE RAM is built in three factories on the American continent, the first two are in the United States in the states of Missouri and Michigan and the third is in Mexico in the region of Coahuila.

- The DODGE RAM has been voted Pickup of the Year by Motor Trend magazine five times.




5250 EUROS including tax

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Ford Mustang approval
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